Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Perfect Life After Death: The Psychobilly Zombie

I just posted a 6-part series on zombies in popular culture versus zombies in psychobilly. It's too much to copy and paste each of the 6 parts here on Blogger, so please follow the below links if you're interested!

SECTION A gives examples of the so-called Zombie Renaissance within recent popular culture.

SECTION B discusses the origins and definitions of zombies that make us think they're evil and must be killed.

SECTION C talks about how zombie stories over time have corresponded to major fears or anxieties that permeate the masses.

SECTION D analyses the ways in which zombie movies help us prepare for disaster and learn strategies for surviving a real apocalypse. It's about the catharsis we get from killing zombies.

SECTION E describes the idealistic zombie (post)apocalypse that psychobillies have constructed as a fantasy preferable to their current situation.

SECTION F caps off the series by talking about what it means when psychobillies dress up as zombies and how they identify with zombies.

Plus, there's a really cool slideshow of psychobilly flyers and how they depict zombies: HERE.

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