Saturday, January 8, 2011

Patricia Day of Horrorpops files suit against Mattel Inc. over "Rockabilly Barbie"

Day filed a "trademark infringement" suit on December 23, 2010 against Hard Rock Café and Mattel Inc. for selling a Barbie doll made in her image without permission.

Mattel and Hard Rock have recently teamed up to release a series of Barbie dolls in the likenesses of pioneering female rock and roll stars. The first three – the "Debbie Harry Doll", the “Joan Jett Doll”, and the “Cyndi Lauper Doll” – are specifically named after the musician whose likeness they appropriate, “with authorization and compensation to the female musician upon whom they are based” (Tehranian, “Day v. Wonderama”, 8). But the so-called “Hard Rock Café Barbie Doll”, or “Rockabilly Barbie” (retail $80), bears a striking resemblance to Day, and yet Mattel didn’t “obtain any licenses for the use of her right of publicity for commercial purposes.”



  1. Yeah, the doll "bears a striking resemblance to Day" and about fifty other chicks at every rockabilly weekender.

    This is either an admirable lunge at good publicity or a pitiable manifestation of a narcissistic (semi-public) personality who feels she belongs in the same class as Joan Jett (when she doesn't) and that the doll would sell more units with her name attached--as Joan's will.

  2. Totally agree with the above. I hate to say it because I do like the Horrorpops a lot but it turns me off from her as a musician because of the narcissism. Patricia Day is beautiful and rockabilly, but if you put her in a crowd of other rockabilly chicks, she'd look like every other one.