Friday, July 9, 2010

Nekromantix, The Howlers, and Mutilators tour hits Austin this Sunday (July 11) & many other cities

This is a show you can’t miss. Any psychobilly fan already knows plenty about Nekromantix and knows why they should relish any chance to see Kim Nekroman slapping (and sometimes licking) his custom coffin bass as he drinks shot after shot of Jägermeister. However, most Texans haven’t yet had an opportunity to catch the new female drummer, Lux. Franc is still rockin’ away on guitar too.

But you might not know as much about Mutilators, a band from San Francisco that defies categorization. Nekroman has become a fan of this band’s sick sense of humor as well as their talent for writing and playing extremely catchy songs that reflect influences from Gene Vincent to Gene Simmons to Gene Krupa. Read more about them here: "The Mutilators: a great-sounding psychobilly band with a sense of humor."

I got a chance to ask the band a few questions about this tour with Nekromantix and The Howlers (a punk psychobilly band from the Los Angeles area):

Anything new you have planned for this tour?
There are plenty things: new songs, new merchandise, guest appearances by good friends, and much more that'll make this a rockin’ as all hell event to remember.

The band is known for having crazy outfits and dressing in odd and bizarre ways. I remember seeing you all covered in fake blood in Berkeley, and I hear you played a show or more dressed in drag. Will there be multiple costume changes throughout the tour?
Well, wouldn’t you like to know? We’re going to wear black and be psychobilly (yawn, wink wink).

Awhile back, a woman named Linda Lee posted a YouTube video asking the public to ban your band because of the song “Put the Baby in the Microwave.” Obviously she didn’t understand that it was a satirical piece based on real events. So did this have any effect on Mutilators or their fanbase? Have you noticed any repercussions at all?

There is no feeling on the matter. Any publicity is good publicity. We are all allowed to voice our opinions, just as we do.

What are you most excited about in terms of touring with Nekromantix and The Howlers?
The opportunity to be amongst peers and bring the music outside of California with live performances to fans who would never get the chance to see Mutilators.

Anything else you want to add about why people should come out to the show?
Just you wait, people. We will burn images in your head that you'll never get out. We will sing songs that you'll never stop singing. We will give you a taste that you'll never get out of your mouth. We will scar you.

And it’s true. You won’t be able to get their songs out of your head. My favorites include “I F***ked a Zombie,” “As You Die,” and “(If I Gotta) Kill Ya (To Keep Ya).” As long as you don’t take yourself too seriously, you’ll get a kick out of the way they self-consciously mock the scene with songs like “Gay Love Song for Nick 13” and “I’m SOOOO Psychobilly.” Their live performances are fantastic, so don’t miss this!


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