Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pre-Cinco de Mayo Fiesta May 1st with Latino rockabilly/punk bands; interview with the promoter

Black Cat Entertainment is one of the most solid rockabilly/psychobilly concert promoters around. In February, thousands of psychos attended Black Cat’s Valentines Ball, which featured the legendary European psychobilly band Frantic Flintstones along with several local groups (read about it here).

Owner Rich Vreede meticulously plans out every single detail of a Black Cat event to provide guests with a multi-dimensional concert experience – amazing bands, deejays, roaming photographers, vendors, food, drinks, different patios and bars with unique moods and soundtracks, and a great social atmosphere that hums with energy. Rich makes sure that his events “have a really fun, party-like atmosphere so fans can just have a great time.” (Click here to read an interview with Rich from just before the Valentine's Ball)

Black Cat is now gearing up for Saturday’s Tenth Annual Pre-Cinco de Mayo Fiesta which promises to be yet another extraordinary event for fans of rockabilly/psychobilly. I got a chance to ask Rich some questions about the upcoming event. All the information you need is at the end of the article. Don’t miss this show!


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  1. Where is the part where the bands don't get paid after the Black Cat Shows?