Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Interview with Black Cat Entertainment: Valentine’s Ball, Feb. 13, featuring Frantic Flintstones

The highly-anticipated Second Annual Valentine’s Ball event this upcoming Saturday, February 13, 2010 is organized by Black Cat Entertainment, the same promoter that presents a variety of 80s, punk, psychobilly, and rockabilly events throughout Southern California, most notably the annual Hollywood Showdown (which has been going strong for ten years now).

I got a chance to talk to Black Cat’s owner, Rich, and it’s clear that he loves providing fun and entertaining events for all types of music fans. Here are some clips from the interview:

What’s the best part of running these events?
Rich: Definitely the satisfaction of putting on the event and seeing the fans involved, happy, and excited to see and meet the bands. I take thousands of photos, and it’s great to see everyone having such a good time. I make it fun by adding all the pre-show events and I try to keep it feeling like a party, a fun thing.
[Check the end of this article for all details on the main event, as well as the pre-show activities on Thursday and Friday]

What’s the most challenging aspect?
Rich: These days it’s harder to get people to go to shows. Before, it was automatic, but with today’s financial situation, people have to pick and choose what they’re going to spend their money on. It was the worst when gas went up, because if you had $20, it went to filling your tank. But I think things are picking up, and I really appreciate all the shop owners who sell our Valentine’s Ball tickets in their store. We all really try to help each other out.


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