Sunday, January 10, 2010

Swinging in 2010 at the House of Blues: The Howlers, Moonlight Trio, and Nekromantix concert review

People had been looking forward to this show for months. Nekromantix hadn’t headlined in Los Angeles for some time, so the anticipation was tangible and the crowd was highly charged.

The House of Blues Sunset Strip was sold out for the January 2nd show, and, even at 6:30 pm (one hour before the doors even opened), the line wrapped clear around the corner and a good ways down Sunset Blvd. I was able to get in early to interview Moonlight Trio (more on that later) and by the time I made my way back downstairs, the place was packed shoulder to shoulder.

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  1. i went to see them that day and it was awsome! it was fun and i won't forget that day