Friday, January 15, 2010

Stellar Corpses haunted the Gilman and will slay the Valentine's Ball Feb 13 at the Fox Theater

Ankh if you’re horny.” That was the best joke of the night, and I heard it from Dusty Grave from Stellar Corpses who was sporting his newly-purchased ankh earring as evidence of his fascination with Egyptology. Stellar Corpses brought their high-energy show to The Gilman in Berkeley last Saturday, January 9, 2010, with Plan 9 (a Misfits cover band) and The Remones (obviously, a Ramones cover band).

Hailing from Santa Cruz, where the legendary 1980s vampire flick The Lost Boys was filmed, Stellar Corpses offer a unclassifiable hybrid of punk, horror, psychobilly, roots rockabilly, surf, goth, death rock, and metal. Made up of Dusty Grave (vocals, guitar), Dan Lamothe (upright bass, back-up vox), Emilio Menze (guitar, back-up vox), and Kyle Moore (drums), the band brings a diverse range of influences: The Damned, Elvis, The Misfits, AFI, Bauhaus, Depeche Mode, Good Riddance, Tiger Army, Demented Are Go, Danzig, and much more. Plus, they’ve toured with good friends Resurex, The Creepshow, Calabrese, Nimvind, and Blitzkid.

Combine those musical influences with a taste for horror fiction and movies, as well as personal interests in history, psychology, astronomy, and world religions, and life experiences of betrayal, love, loss, and death, and you get … well … not anything you can easily slap a label on, but rather a culmination that can only be called Stellar Corpses.


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