Saturday, November 7, 2009

Get your boarding passes for the 'Hellbound Train' - Three Bad Jacks are rolling in to Santa Ana

The melody rings out from the guitar, the slap of the bass kicks in, the drums hammer away, and suddenly you’re tapping your foot and bopping your head to some of the fastest rockabilly you’ve heard.

And one thing’s for sure – you can always count on Three Bad Jacks to take it up even one more notch. At The Blank Club in San Jose last Friday, lead guitarist and singer Elvis frequently spurred the trio to faster and faster speeds, giving fans a real treat. In fact, the bassist was playing so fast that his hand was simply a blur in the air.

They’re also known for fiery performances – literally: they play loud, fast, and hard even as flames lick their instruments. Inspired by the sensational showmanship of rock ‘n’ roll greats like Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard, Three Bad Jacks always puts on a great show.

Three Bad Jacks lights it up (

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Watch Three Bad Jacks' video for "Crazy in the Head."

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