Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Chop Tops, The Rocketz - their 'Helloween' shows were a success; see them this weekend in So Cal

Really? A psychobilly show in Menlo Park? Nestled among the oak trees of dot com surburbia, The British Banker’s Club

is clearly one of the only places to go if you’re a bit too alternative for the Stanford party scene. The architecture and décor of the place is really interesting. Over a hundred years old, this spacious saloon has been a bank, a city hall, a police station/jail, and a public library (there’s a bookshelf of law books on the upper floor you can browse through). The downstairs bar features real Tiffany stained glass windows and lamps, and the upstairs bar was brought over from England, so the bartender told me. So even though I had my doubts about seeing a psychobilly show in Silicon Valley, I was pleasantly surprised with the venue.

On Thursday October 29, The British Banker’s Club kicked off the first of a three-night series of Hell-O-Ween shows, headlined by The Chop Tops and featuring a diverse line-up of other California bands: Death Valley Drifters, The Strikers, No Dice, and The Rocketz.

Every one of these bands has upcoming shows this weekend, November 13-15 (check out the bottom of the article for listings).

Read the full review and see cool photos here!

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